Monday, November 03, 2008

Virginia's Early Voters Heavily Favor Obama

A new Virginia poll from Public Policy Polling has 16% of its sample having already voted. Among those, Obama has a huge lead, 63%-36%.

Overall, Obama leads by 6 points, 52%-46%.

Get out and vote!


Anonymous said...

No to pick nits, but we don't have "early voting" in Virginia. We have "absentee" voting. This means you have to meet specific criteria like being out of the voting area on election day. Of course, around here where big chunks of NoVA work in DC, that's almost everyone.

swingtrader said...

These polls really don't matter. Ask Al Gore. I voted absentee also, and I have not been asked by anyone who I voted for. I mainly did it to avoid any lines, demonstrations, or riots that may occur at the polls. People are absolutely crazy over this election. It really is terrible, but in another way it is good that people are exercising that right. I know people that are planning on ducking work Wednesday because of fear of harm by the opposite race. That is NOT good.

MonkeyGirl said...

Curmudgeon, looks like your boy Warner won...congrats!

X Curmudgeon said...

Hey Monkey Girl--we knew Warner would win from Day One. Trust us, Virginia will go for Obama, too.

We hope NC will also. And how 'bout Kay Hagan? (And maybe more interesting, who would've thought NC would have a Senate race between two women! Certainly not in the Jesse Helms days.)