Wednesday, November 05, 2008

100K Fairfax Absentee Votes

This morning we speculated that Fairfax County was still sitting on 80,000+ absentee votes that had not yet been tabulated.

We were right--just a short while ago, the Virginia Board of Elections finally posted the Fairfax numbers: 100,456 absentee ballots (!!)--about 20% of the more than 500,000 votes cast in Fairfax.

Now that we have all the Fairfax votes, we can see that Fairfax County gave Obama a nearly 110,000 vote margin, on top of a 50,000 vote margin in Arlington County. That's a lot of votes, and adding in the absentees boosts Obama's margin in Virginia to about 5.5%, with some other significant absentees still to be posted.

By the way, Tom Periello continues to hang on to a razor thin 31 vote lead over Virgil Goode in the 5th congressional district, with all precincts having reported in.

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