Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Historic Blue Tide In Virginia

It looks like Virginia will really be BLUE.

Not only did Obama carry the state--probably by 4-5 percentage points when all is said and done (we don't yet have any Richmond City ballot, or Arlington and Fairfax absentee, which will be huge), but Mark Warner won big AND . . .

it looks like the Va. congressional delegation will be majority blue.

As of this writing, classy Democratic challenger Tom Periello is poised to upset GOP incumbent Virgil Goode by a hair (up 2000 votes with two precincts left to go), and Glenn Nye is leading GOP incumbent Thelma Drake with several thousand votes, but with about 10% of precincts left to go.

Obama's coattails may be quite long.

Big day for Dems in the Commonwealth!

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