Friday, November 07, 2008

Perriello Solidifies Lead In Va. 05

Democratic challenger Tom Perriello has ousted Republican incumbent Virgil Goode in Virginia's 5th Congressional district.

Returns in the district have see-sawed back and forth over the past couple of days as county boards of elections conducted a canvass of their results in a standard audit/correction process that is now complete, with Perriello leading by 745 votes. Complete details can be found at the Virginia Board of Elections website.

What happens from here? The VBE will meet, on Monday, November 24, to certify the results of all elections that took place in the Commonwealth on Nov. 4.

A losing candidate then has 10 days to request a recount. As a practical matter, however, in Virginia a recount is really just another audit process, as most jurisdictions use voting machines and there are no individual ballots to be "recounted." The recount is supervised by a panel of state court judges. In recent years, recounts of close elections in Virginia have resulted in precious few votes changing hands. For more info on Virginia recounts, go here.

We're quite confident Perriello's margin is more than enough to ensure his victory.


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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Virgil "the weasel" No Goode is gone.