Monday, June 02, 2008

The Denouement? Hillary's Tuesday Night Speech In NY

This just in:

Clinton plans New York speech

By JIM KUHNHENN, Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton will give her post-primary speech in New York Tuesday night, a rare departure from the campaign trail.

Staffers who have worked for her on he ground in Puerto Rico , South Dakota and Montana have been invited to attend the event or go home for further instructions, campaign aides said. The New York senator had no other events Tuesday. She planned to address AIPAC Wednesday in Washington .

But she is under increasing pressure to cede the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama after the final primaries. There was a sense of denouement in the campaign. She planned to rally with husband and former President Clinton and their daughter Chelsea in South Dakota Monday night — a reunion usually reserved for election nights.

We might add that we expect her to do a bang-up job, giving an impressive speech and a warm endorsement to Senator Obama.

Although much of the press focus on the Democratic Rules Committee hearing was on the more vocal and distraught of Hillary's supporters, our Obama supporter source at the hearing told us she ran into many Hillary supporters who were gracious and prepared to fully go for Obama as soon as the primaries end, i.e., tomorrow.


anthonytampafl said...

Dont think thy are all pissed off woman I a regestered republican I voted for ronald Ragon two terms Bill Cliton two terms I Would Not vote for Barack Obama If Hillary was His VP He Is Headed down Hill.
Concession speech Why would a person that could get over 40% in a three man race in November and be president in 2009 do such a thing? If one dos not concede one remains on the ballot may be as an Independent so why concede?
Asking ones suporters to get behind a losser would crush any hopes of coming back in 2012 besides why wate You got the MoJo Working now strake well the iron is Hot and give it back to tham.
Regardless of the crowning of barack by superdelegates If Hillary dos not concede She will remain on the November ballot for president and who could blam Her?
Black entitlement to be pissed off is an under statment
Hillary has payed for the entitlement to be pissed off at the party that cut her out at half time.
Has there been a Black entitlement Oh You Know Its About time We Had A Black President ask the want a be M and M Father Pfleger and the Leftest Eletes of the Dean NC Party.
Yes it is about time we had a black president but a far and just man and no less of a man can hold office.
Now dos it have to be now at any cost and be this man Barack who is He Obama and think about it dos it have to be at any cost, just so it can be now ?
She should stay and never concede to a party that gave the game to Obama at half time when thy said she needs to get out The race Hell She needs to stay in the presidental race and get the hell out of the Dean N C Party that Sucks.
for the way thy treated Her thy deserve nothing and nothing less.

Anonymous said...

anthonytampafl, your grasp of reality and politics is as limited as your grasp of basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Whether she concedes or not has no bearing on whether she'll be on the ballot in Nov.

Anyway it's a moot point, because McCain is gonna take it in November anyways.