Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Time To Go Back To Work?

Every now and then the Curmudgeon will find himself doing something that makes him ask: is it time for me to get a real job and go back to work?

Fortunately, the feeling is usually fleeting.

This morning, the Curmudgeon found himself in one of those situations. Son #2 needs to bring a "candy topping" to his religious school class tonight as part of the kids' ice cream sundae celebration of the end of their school year.

Sounds simple enough. But then we found ourself not only buying M&M's and Butterfingers at the store, but putting them in little baggies and pounding them with a hammer so they'd have the consistency of those candy toppings you get at any good ice cream shoppe (a good ice cream outlet, by definition, being a shoppe, with the "e" on the end, not just a shop).

This took a surprisingly long while because it turns out you pretty much need to pound each M&M separately to shatter it into topping-sized pieces. (Butterfingers are easy--but don't pound too much; also, the chocolate coating tends to stick to the baggie.)
It's also not a good idea to do this right before lunch, especially if you're in weight loss mode and strictly avoiding sweets.
Mind you, we're not against doing our fair share of mommy-like activities around the house. Mrs. Curmudgeon will gladly tell you we're not too good at a lot of them, like arts and crafts projects (unless it involves blowing up or burning something).

On the other hand, we ARE pretty good at some of the things that occupy any good mom's day: shuttling the kids to scheduled activities (especially sports) with all the right gear and on-time is one (and bringing them back with same said gear).

Anyway, we've found the best way to put those pesky thoughts of getting a "real job" out of our head is simply to call Mrs. Curmudgeon and ask what she's doing. Unless she's at Morton's on a client lunch, that usually does the trick.

Of course, we can also take our mind off such perilous thoughts by doing something important, like posting on our blog.


Anonymous said...

Tip for next time: Its easier to break those candies up using a rolling pin or frying pan and use a more gentle increasing pressure until they break.

But, it sounds like you might not know where those are in the kitchen.

X Curmudgeon said...

Good tip. What's a rolling pin? Just kidding--we've heard of those. Typically, we think of the items in our tool box first, so that's why we used the hammer. If they had power rolling pins then we'd definitely be into it!