Monday, June 16, 2008

Tiger Woods Ate My Blog!

What's up with the Curmudgeon's blog you ask? He hasn't posted anything for days!

The short answer is: Tiger Woods.

Yes, as a Tiger fan, the Curmudgeon spent many hours over the past few days in front of the telly, rooting him on. Why it took Tiger so long to finally secure his third U.S. Open title is beyond us--guess he just liked making it entertaining.

And for those who though Rocco Mediate had a chance, just remember--it's really "The Tiger Woods Show" and those other golfers are just extras. In the end, it's all about Tiger.

We hope to get back to some serious posting shortly.


Anonymous said...

"[I]ts all about Tiger?"

What are you, a producer for NBC Sports?

Tiger was in contention, so it was about Tiger. But, so often, they would rather interview Tiger's former 5 iron than show other players. (His current clubs don't talk to the media.)

Justin Leonard said it best. He shot 65 to lead the British 1st round. Three of the questions in the post-round interview were about Tiger. The last one was something like "Is he good for the game?" Justin answered: "Not if I shoot 65 and you would rather talk about him."

AzureofMidas said...

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