Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pants Suit

A few weeks ago we posted on the story of an administrative law judge in D.C. who was suing his local dry cleaners for more than $50 million over a pair of misplaced pants.

Yesterday, the case sadly went to trial. It garnered international media coverage--one of those lawyers as laughing stocks/Washington as laughing stock stories.

Fortunately, the plaintiff in the case, Roy Pearson, dropped his damages demand before trial, reducing it from $65 million to a mere $54 million.

Here's what we hope the judge does: award Mr. Pearson about $100 in damages for his lost pants and require Mr. Pearson to pay the attorneys fees of the defendant dry cleaners. Pearson should also be stripped of his job as an administrative judge for an obvious lack of judgement, which is a prerequisite to being a judge. Imagine having this whacko decide your case! The D.C. Bar, which has now suffered a nice little black eye, should also take some form of action.

The judge handling the trial also bears some blame in all this. She could've avoided the media spectacle by wisely striking most of Pearson's claims before the trial--indeed long before the trial so as to avoid needless legal expense by the defendant--and entering an order setting a limit on his damages.

The whole thing reflects adversely on our legal system.

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