Monday, June 04, 2007

Dry, Sunny May Sets Stage For Great Solar Month

May turned out to be a terrific month for our solar panels and our overall electricity consumption, with dry, sunny but not too hot days throughout the month.

Our net electric consumption for the month was only 338 kilowatt hours--our lowest total yet, beating what had been an already terrific April when we used 406 kwh.

Our total electric consumption--before factoring in the contribution from solar panels--was 718 kwh, a significant reduction from 1026 a year ago, showing that our conservation measures also continue to pay off.

In May, our solar panels contributed 380 kwh--more than half our consumption and a big jump from April's 251 kwh.

Alas, the outlook for June is not so, er, sunny. With the advent of summer humidity and temps approaching 90, we've turned on the A/C (although trying to go without it at night), and June is likely to be hazier than May, making for a little less productivity out of our solar panels. May will surely be our low water mark, in terms of net electric consumption, for the next few months.

We, of course, like to pat ourselves on the back for our reduced electric consumption. But we'd be the first to say that being green goes well beyond electricity, and the first to admit that, on other fronts (heating, auto gas mileage, water conservation, food, clothing) our progress has been much slower. Gives us something to work on.

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