Friday, June 22, 2007

More On Bloomberg

Here's a quick supplement to our post yesterday on the impact of a Bloomberg candidacy on the race. First, here's results of a SurveyUSA poll of a hypothetical three-way match-up between Giuliani, Clinton and Bloomberg (the "New York 3") in a number of key states. Bloomberg doesn't get any higher than 15 percent--in NY--but he does bring a few states closer.

The problem is, it's way too early to tell. First, Bloomberg hasn't spent a dime of his billions yet on a slick marketing campaign. Second, Democratic and Republican partisans haven't yet had their favorite candidates rejected in favor of someone else.

Finally, here's another analysis, from Michael Barone, in US News--he also suspects that Bloomberg somewhat hurts the Democrats more than the Republicans, with the caveat that its awfully early to tell.

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