Friday, February 26, 2010

Vermont's Black Energy Decision

Gotta love the lefties in Vermont. They have a perfectly fine nuclear power plant, which provides 30% of the state's electricity without emitting any significant carbon emissions. In the grand scheme of things, nuclear power is actually pretty green.

But not green enough for Vermont, where nucular is a bad word. The Vermont state senate has voted overwhelmingly to deny the plant operator's application to renew its license, which expires in 2012.

We're betting that all that electricity is not going to be replaced--certainly by 2012--by solar and wind power. Instead, while a perfectly good nuclear plant lies in mothballs, Vermonters will have to get their electricity from some carbon-emitting source (not to mention the carbon emissions from simply building a replacement plant).

Great move Vermont!


KM said...

A majority of Republicans also voted to shut down this mismanaged problem-plagued facility. Its power will most likely be replaced by hydro from Canada.

KM said...

I just learned that Vermont Yankee wanted to cut what they sell to Vermont by two-thirds, so Vermont was facing the loss of most of that power anyway. And VY wanted to increase the price by 50% and let it rise with inflation. They couldn't have made it easier to dump them.