Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Early Spring?

If robins are a sign of spring, then it must be near! Notwithstanding our 4 inches of additional, very wet, snow last night, today felt more like spring than most days the past few weeks. Punctuating that feeling, our neighborhood was visited by several hundred robins this morning, all feasting on the berries on our across-the-street neighbor's tree (which they stripped clean). (You can see a few of them in these photos.)

Once again, the school system got it wrong. Last night, when Alexandria schools announced they would open two hours late, we figured Arlington would follow suit. But then both decided to close today, even though it was a relatively warm morning and the snow quickly melted from roadways. If they're going to make bad decisions, we wish they'd make them the night before--what's the point of waking up at 6:00 a.m. to find out school is closed!

Even more bizarre, our religious school cancelled classes tonight--their policy is to follow whatever Fairfax schools do, but sometimes that policy makes no sense, as in when EVERYTHING HAS MELTED. (Not that we're unhappy about religious school--no one likes Wed. night classes.)

The weather prognosticators tell us that more snow--quite possibly a LOT of snow--is on the way this weekend. All the more reason to keep things open when possible. Our northern neighbors would--and do--laugh at us for our penchant to shut down everything the moment it starts to snow.

In any event, as our photos attest, it was a beautiful morning!

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