Monday, February 08, 2010

Storm Saver: Washington Post on Kindle

With Snowmageddon still crippling Washington and environs--and another storm on the way tomorrow night (!)--our trusty Washington Post delivery boy hasn't made it down the rutted single snow/ice lane of North Edgewood Street since Friday.

Fortunately, our Amazon Kindle (allegedly soon to be outmoded by the Apple Ipad) allows us to download the Post and keep up with the world in warm coziness.

In our reading, we saw that Sarah Palin (the lady who prematurely quit as Governor of Alaska for reasons that were incoherent) addressed the Tea Baggers (for $100 Grand) and said she's not ruling our running for President. Our only thought: why couldn't Snowmageddon have obliterated the Tea Party idiots who think this woman has anything worthwhile to offer to our country.

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