Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two Good Reasons To Avoid NBC After The Olympics

Other than that we aren't getting enough sleep, there's nothing like the two weeks of Olympic coverage to improve one's TV viewing. Quite a few programs are piling up on our DVR as we opt for ice and snow (away from here, thank goodness) over Bauer and Idol.

The Olympics are good for NBC, too. For the first time in six years, they were able to dethrone Idol as the ratings king, at least for one fine day last week.

Unfortunately, after the Olympics NBC is giving us two good reasons to turn the channel (actually, a lot more since most of their regular fare is pretty lackluster). The first is the return of Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, which will feature disgraced former Illinois governor Rod Blagojovich as a contestant. Revealing our trashy tastes in television, the Curmudgeon has enjoyed Apprentice in prior years. But we'll boycott this season. There's no reason for NBC to give this man--who is still facing serious criminal charges--a frivolous platform to repair his image. Being a famous criminal should not make one a "celebrity."

As nauseating as having Blago on NBC is, even worse is Jay Leno's selection of Sarah Palin to appear on his opening week of reclaiming The Tonight Show from Conan. We have no desire to see Palin--remember, she resigned as governor of Alaska before her job was done--ANYWHERE. (Our one caveat is that we'd like to see Palin on a segment of Leno's "Jaywalking" series, where clueless Americans show off their ignorance.)

We'd call for a boycott of Leno on this one, but we sense that a much wider boycott will already be underway in any event. We used to like Leno. Now we think his best act might be as an also-ran "celebrity" on Apprentice.

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