Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It Takes Balls

Mrs. Curmudgeon has rounded up a number of stray soccer balls in our house to donate to a group that gives them to poor kids around the world. She collected about 20, and that still leaves us with AT LEAST 10 more that we couldn't part with for various reasons.

That got us looking around, and we realized that our house is just full of balls of various types. It would be an interesting contest to guess just how many we have--my guess is around 350, maybe as many as 500.

In addition to the soccer balls, we have various basketballs, mini-basketballs, mini-soccer balls, baseballs, softballs, footballs (are footballs really balls?), super balls and rubber balls. Then there's Mrs. Curmudgeon's collection of tennis balls, which somehow find their way all over the house, and my collection of old, used and discarded golf balls, which occupy two bins in a corner of the basement.
You've heard of yard sales, garage sales, rummage sales, etc. We're going to have a ball sale.


Anonymous said...

I will be dropping off my large duffel fall of golf balls at your house this evening.

Anonymous said...

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