Saturday, August 08, 2009

Deeds Continues To Trail In Polls

Whatever post-primary bounce he enjoyed, Creigh Deeds has slipped seriously in the polls as the summer has progressed.

We now have three fairly recent polls where Deeds trails significantly.

Survey USA has McDonnell ahead 55%-40% as of late July.
Public Policy Polling had McDonnell with a similar lead of 51%-37% as of early August.
Daily Kos has the race narrower, with McDonnell leading by 51%-43%.

Clearly, Deeds has some work to do. He might want to start with transportation. McDonnell put out a transportation proposal that looks good on its face, but in reality would continue to starve Northern Virginia for road funds. Deeds needs to respond with something that not only reveals the flaws in McDonnell's plans, but proposes an alternative. Otherwise, he may well find a lot of apathy amongst NoVa independents. (We suggest Deeds not cater to the anti-I-66 crowd in Arlington--we hardly think they're going to vote for McDonnell.)


Anonymous said...

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charvakan said...

It would take a more compelling candidate than Deeds to overcome Virginia's penchant for electing a governor who's not of the same party as the President. I'll be trying to turn out the Democratic vote for him, but I am not hopeful.