Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bill To Clip Cape Cod, Maine?

Hurricane Bill, currently a strong Cat 3 and likely to get stronger tomorrow, could cause significant problems in New England by this weekend.

Although the official guidance from the National Hurricane Center still suggests Bill will turn out to sea, missing the U.S. coast (but not the Canadian maritime provinces), there is enough uncertainty to suggest that Cape Cod, the Maine coast, and perhaps more of New England could get swiped by Bill.

Furthermore, if Bill (by the way, we hate single syllable hurricane names--they just don't sound right) trends just a little bit further to the west before turning, New England could be facing a significant impact by late Sat. or early Sun.

Not quite up to the level of fictional Hurricane Nicole's onslaught against NYC in Landstrike, but certainly a major event that could cause grave damage, especially if Bill makes landfall on Cape Cod.

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Anonymous said...

We'll refer to it as Hurricane Billy to make you happy.