Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wagner, McAuliffe Get To Top Primary Ballot

Showing some organizational muscle, Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Jody Wagner was the first--in a crowded field--to file the required signatures to put her on the primary ballot. That assures her the top position on the ballot. No one knows scientifically if that's the best position, but everyone assumes it is!

Wagner submitted more than 17,000 signatures, well over the 10,000 she needed. Wagner has also been dutifully locking up endorsements from local Democratic politicos. At present, her campaign appears to have good momentum. It's a tough race, because none of the five candidates has particularly wide name recognition in the Commonwealth.

Meanwhile, in the three-man Democratic gubernatorial primary race, Terry McAuliffe was the first to file his signatures, with almost as many as Wagner. That puts him on the top of the ballot. Brian Moran says he'll file later this week, while Creigh Deeds--who unlike Moran and McAuliffe had actually been working in the General Assembly session--will file later this month.

(The Moran people seem a little conflicted--perhaps they don't want the middle position on the ballot. We doubt it matters.)

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