Friday, March 06, 2009

Idol Delight

American Idol wrapped up its Top 12 (plus 1) last night, with a good field. Two bits of good news:

1. Tatiana is out, for good. In fact, all the emotional head cases are out. Thank you Idol. We want drama, but not that kind.

2. Anoop is in, as a surprise 13th finalist. We don't think he'll win the whole thing, but he has a terrific personality and should make it through a couple rounds.

Speaking of Rounds, our favorite to win is Lil Rounds, with Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert rounding out the top three. To win, however, Lil will have to develop her own personality and style.

Dark horses for the final three: Alexis Grace and Alison Iraheta.

First to go: Michael Carver--great guy, but out of his league with the rest of this bunch.

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