Sunday, March 01, 2009

Parkhomenko: Hold Off On Those Darn Signs!

The District 47 race for the house of delegates seat being vacated by Al Eisenberg promises to be an interesting, heated battle amongst a gaggle of Democratic activists.

We hope that at least some common sense will prevail in the contest. Candidate Adam Parkhomenko already has yard signs littering the medians of Arlington's streets (such as Washington Blvd.) notwithstanding that the Democratic primary won't be until June.

Good grief, Adam--do we really need this eyesore so soon? We know its inevitable, but maybe all you "green" Democrats could reach a truce and agree not to post any signs in Arlington rights of way until closer to the election--say two months?

We'll be watching. If you say you're green, be green.

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charvakan said...

How do you like the signscape now? I don't think there were this many last year for the Presidential election.