Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Does "24" Have Destruction of DC In Mind?

Yesterday's Washington Post had a cute little story about the little geographic white lies embedded in this season's TV series "24," set in Washington for the first time. (Oddly, the show, which always features the President of the U.S. in many scenes and episodes, managed to go quite a number of seasons being set in L.A.)

Anyway, the story ended with this tantalizer from the head writer at "24": "I can safely say that Washington has been threatened by us for the last time."

Holy crap! What does that mean? Are they going to destroy Washington at the end of this season?

Are the insane "patriots" at Starkwood going to let loose a cloud of neorotoxins on the populace, having us all writhe our way to a painful death? Or will they introduce an even larger terrorist menace (there's still quite a few episodes left to go) to obliterate our fair city?

We need to take these things seriously. After all, "24" had an African-American President (actually, two) in its early seasons, and now we have one in real life!

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