Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Idol Math Doesn't Add Up

So, the first night of Idol is over and at least Tatiana is out. But so is Anoop Dawg. And seven other contestants.

Or are they?

We're not sure we like this year's format, which is different from prior years.

This time, Idol has selected 36 finalists--instead of 24--and divided them into three groups of twelve.

Each group of twelve performs in its own week. America votes and the top three go on through to the next round. The rest ostensibly go home.

The only problem is that the "next round"--according to host Ryan Seacrest--will be the Top 12, whereas the voting will result in only nine singers going through.

So where will the other three come from? So far, no one on the show has said, which, of course, makes us suspicious. Will the producers pull a fast one on us and bring back Tatiana after we thought we'd seen the last of her? Or will they make us happy and bring back a fan favorite like Anoop?

Will we get to vote on the supplemental final three, or will the judges, or the producers, make that decision?

America wants to know!

And PLEASE don't bring back Tatiana!


Anonymous said...

It is explained on the American Idol website. It says:
On Thursday, March 5 8/7c, the special "Wild Card" episode will feature the judges' favorite remaining contestants battling it out live for a coveted spot in the next phase of the competition.

No idea on whether we get to vote on them, though.

(PS - thanks for the link but can you put an I in my last name?)

X Curmudgeon said...

Thanks Vivian! We hope we get to vote on the wild cards.

And we'll give you that missing "i".

apples said...

You're right - you do watch too much tv.

Seacrest is cute though :P