Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Did Jindal Really Say That!?

We still can't believe Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal made fun, in his GOP response speech last night, of federal expenditures for monitoring volcanoes.

Is he a total moron, or what?

Here's the governor of a state that gets BILLIONS and BILLIONS of federal dollars for hurricane protection, and he's complaining about a little bit of money going to states that don't worry about hurricanes, but do happen to have active volcanoes in their neighborhood.

How much do the feds spend on the National Hurricane Center? Maybe Louisiana should take that over.

How much do the feds pay for levees in Louisiana? For flood control? For wetland restoration?

And how much have they spent on the state to rebuild from Katrina and Wilma?

Louisiana is ADDICTED to federal money, and ALWAYS has been!

We'd like to see Obama say, "here, Jindal, tell you what--we'll cut off the federal spigot for one month and then we'll see what you have to say."

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