Monday, February 09, 2009

Hope For Uganda

Terrific story in today's Washington Post on the Arlington Academy of Hope, a school in Uganda founded by John and Joyce Wanda and funded largely by Arlingtonians. The Wandas moved to Arlington from Uganda after they won a government lottery for a U.S. visa. Their children attend Arlington Traditional School, which has become the "sister school" to the Ugandan school they put together. We had dinner with the Wandas not too long ago, thanks to friend CH, and learned quite a bit about their amazing project.

Read on at: "A Blessing For Teacher Grace"

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apples said...

I just got back from Uganda a couple months ago after doing a semester at a Uni there. It doesn't take long to fall in love with the country and the people, and it's just amazing how happy and optimistic they are, despite all their material problems.

It's great to see that some people are doing their best to help - they're amazing people and we should all wish we could be like them. But in Uganda, people still do feel that they've been taken advantage of. Africa has been cut into pieces by our ancestors and today's situation is nothing but a continuation of that.

But they're so happy... we could all learn a lot from Africans if we only stopped thinking of them as "poor, black people"...