Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Webb's Born Fighting PAC Announces First Beneficiaries

Senator Jim Webb's "Born Fighting" PAC announced today that it will start out playing DEE-Fense. The PAC's initial beneficiaries will be Democrats in the General Assembly and in the U.S. Senate whose seats are deemed vulnerable. In the email we received, Jim said:
"Today, I am happy to announce Born Fighting PAC's first 4 featured candidates: Del. Donald McEachin, Del. David Poisson, U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, and U.S. Sen. Tim Johnson.
In Virginia, we must build upon the momentum from the election of Tim Kaine in 2005 and our victory in 2006, by helping Democrats capture the Virginia State House and Senate in 2007. Helping Donald and David win is critical to this goal.
In the U.S. Senate, 2008 will be our opportunity to expand the Democratic majority, but before we capture new seats, we must defend seats currently held by Democrats. Sen. Landrieu and Sen. Johnson represent so-called "red" states and are the top targets of Karl Rove and the Republican leadership."

McEachin is a bit of a different story: payback time. McEachin is running for the Virginia Senate seat currently held by Benny Lambert. Both are African-American, but Lambert fatally endorsed George Allen--AFTER macaca--while McEachin stepped up and actively campaigned for Webb.

We hope Born Fighting will also find some new Democrats gunning for incumbent Republicans, just like Webb did last year. Jim, of all people, should know how critical it is for such candidates to get some early funding and attention.

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