Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Serious Third Party Candidate in '08?

It appears increasingly likely that at least one, perhaps more, serious third-party (or "independent") candidates will opt to run for President in '08 after we all get thoroughly sick of the current crop of Democratic and GOP candidates.

One who could be formidable--because of his personal fortune--is NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg. (Pictured here with a possible running mate.) The Washington Post yesterday sought to fan those flames with an article speculating on Bloomberg's interest, despite the Mayor's avowal he has no such interest.

We can't see Bloomberg winning, but we could, ironically, see this nominal Republican hurting a Democratic nominee.

Then there's the somewhat quixotic Unity '08 movement to draft a "bipartisan" ticket. One can speculate for hours on various tickets they might come up with. What about the "G" ticket: Gore and Gingrich? (Gingrich could cast votes in the Senate to prevent legislation proposed by Gore.)

After Sen. Joe Lieberman's successful run as an independent following his decisive loss in the Democratic primary, perhaps a number of the current party candidates will also consider an independent run.

How's this for a field: Rudy Guiliani, Republican candidate. Hillary Clinton, Democratic candidate. Al Gore, Green Party. Newt Gingrich, Right to Life (and adultery) Party. Michael Bloomberg, Bloomberg Party. Chuck Hegel and James Webb, Out of Iraq Party. Barack Obama, Clean Articulate Party. John McCain, Straight Talk Party. And while we're at it, let's have Nader, Sharpton, Kucinich, Brownback, Thompson and Huckabee run as independents as well.

Could be a lot of fun.


Unknown said...

Bloomberg does present a chance for Independents if he adopts fairness in future elections. How? By pledging to enact real election reform right away. That means fair ballot access; public campaign financing; media/debate inclusion; and congressional voting rights for DC residents. See the full ten-point National Election Reform Platform at www.IndependentAmerica.org

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