Monday, April 13, 2009

No Spring Break Recession In Florida

There sure didn't appear to be a recession at central Florida's amusement parks last week during Spring Break.
We took the Curmudgeon kids to Busch Gardens in Tampa, and Universal's park in Orlando, and both were jammed. We heard additional horror stories from families that had been to Disney during the week.

Not only were they jammed, but the parks were doing a brisk business is special passes that allow one to jump ahead of the long lines for premium attractions. Indeed, when we got to Busch Gardens last Wednesday, they had sold out of their "VIP" passes, and the "QuickPass" lines at Universal, while faster than the regular lines, were still occasionally long. (More on these special passes in a separate post later.)

There weren't any bargains, that's for sure, yet folks were spending money like it was . . . 2007. By the time you paid for parking, park admission, various add-ons, food and souvenirs, why you'd be better off with a subprime mortgage.

We suppose it's good that someone is still spending money.

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