Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Will Obama's Rail Ride Into D.C. Be Like Lincoln's?

Headline in today's Washington Post: "Like Lincoln, Obama Will Ride The Rails To D.C."

Let's hope it's not like Lincoln's inaugural trip to D.C. Warned of an assassination attempt by secessionists in Baltimore--Maryland, a slave state, was still considering joining eight southern states that had already seceded after Lincoln's election--Lincoln stole into D.C. in the middle of the night after skipping any speaking engagement in Baltimore.

The following day saw riots in Baltimore, and Lincoln was ridiculed by many newspapers for the escapade. [The Post finally gets around to some, but not all, of these details in the last paragraph of its story.]

The Post also ought to mention that in Lincoln's day the inauguration was in early March--a bit warmer time for massive outdoor speeches than in the middle of January.

Let's cut all the Lincoln crap and let Obama be Obama. Then, maybe 100 years from now, so new President can be accused of pulling an Obama.

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