Monday, December 15, 2008

Is Sarah Palin Jewish?

We got this from our aunt in Philly--could be urban legend, but the claim is that Sarah Palin's really Jewish. You betcha!

"Based on Jewish tradition that makes one Jewish if born to a mother of Jewish ethnic decent, Sarah Palin is Jewish, though she touts a mask of evangelical Christianity.

"Sarah Palin's mother, Sally Sheigam, was of Lithuanian Jewish heritage and so were both of her mother's parents, Louise Sheigam and Shmuel Sheigam. Her father, Chuck Heath, also comes from Jewish blood because his mother, Beatrice Coleman, was of Jewish descent.

"Further information on Governor Palin's ancestors can be found in the vital records in the Lithuanian State Historical Archives in Vilnius ( ).The Archives holds birth, marriage, divorce, and death records for the Lithuanian Jewish community from 1851 until 1915 when the Jews were required to leave the country because of World War I. They are in 18th Century Cyrillic script and Yiddish. Many of these records include themother's maiden name and town of registration.

"Palin's maternal grandfather, Schmuel Sheigam, was a Lithuanian Jew, born in 1912 in Vilkaviskis, Lithuania, The Sheigams' grandmother was a Jewess named Gower. At the Ellis Island Immigration Center, the name was entered as Sheeran, instead of Sheigam, a standard practice when immigration officers were unable to understand the pronunciation of non-English speaking immigrants. They are buried in the Jewish cemetery at Budezeriai."

Ok, but do we really want her?


Charles R. said...

A "Jewess"? That should be a bit of tipoff to bogus information, no? You have just reproduced an urban myth from another blog posting at blogspot. Check here:

and for her real genealogy, here:

Anonymous said...

She's yours, offer accepted. Thanks for the Christian brethern....

Be careful or people will start blaming things in Alaska on the Jews, or at least this one...