Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Will Mosquitoes Steal The Show At The 2012 PGA Tournament At Kiawah's Ocean Course?

We're back from our annual excursion to Kiawah Island, always a delightful trip. (See our separate report on playing the Cassique golf course there.)

It's hard to go anywhere on the island without noticing that Kiawah's famous Ocean Course is hosting the 2012 PGA Tournament, one of golf's four "majors". If you're planning on going, bring some DEET, otherwise you'll get eaten alive by mosquitoes.

We played the Ocean Course on a Sunday morning, and we've never seen so many mosquitoes in our life. One step into the rough and they swarmed up out of the grass. At one point, we took a Curmudgeonly swipe at our leg and smashed five of the blood-sucking pests at one time (three already engorged with our life giving fluids).

The first layer of mosquito repellent barely had any effect. The second layer helped a bit, but only after three applications (of different sprays) could we stand still for a minute or two without being bitten.

With the PGA Tournament taking place in August, the skeeters can only be worse.

[They were pretty bad throughout the island this year, but nowhere worse than at the Ocean Course.]

We guess the PGA will come up with some chemical solution to the problem--Kiawah may be rendered a toxic waste dump in the process, but we doubt Tiger will have to take a DEET shower before hitting the links.

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tim said...

The golf course management needs to invest in some mosquito control. I’ve heard those Mosquito Magnets can cover up to one acre.