Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where's The Curmudgeon?

Dear Regular Readers--

You've probably been asking, "where's the Curmudgeon?"

Yes, we've been pretty spotty with our postings this summer. That will continue for another couple of weeks. The Curmudgeon has been out of town for four straight weekends, with two more to go; plus, we're busy on a soccer project (helping the Arlington Soccer Ass'n get a new Executive Director); plus, the boys' camp schedules require a lot of extra curmudgeonly taxi driving.

Besides that, we're mercifully in the summer interlude of the political season, when nothing really significant is happening, despite many a pundit's effort to make it appear otherwise. The polls are still meaningless--the real campaign will start with the two party conventions at the end of summer.

So, other than an occasional post when the mood strikes us (and time is available) don't expect to see too much here until sometime in August (when the travel schedule abates).

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