Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Richardson Up, Edwards Sinking

The latest from the Richardson campaign, which has plenty to cheer about:

SANTA FE, NM -- New polls show Governor Bill Richardson jumping into third place over John Edwards in Arizona, and within two points of Barack Obama in Iowa.

"We are not surprised that voters in a Western state like Arizona are gravitating toward Governor Richardson. They share the same core, Western values like moving aggressively toward energy independence, respecting our environment, maintaining fiscal accountability, and growing the economy," said campaign manager Dave Contarino.

The polls, by American Research Group, show Governor Richardson moving from four percent support to nine percent in Arizona, putting him ahead of John Edwards among Arizona voters, and surging from five percent to thirteen percent in Iowa. In addition, the Iowa poll shows Governor Richardson in first place among independent voters with twenty-five percent support.

"We're excited by this momentum in Arizona, a key February 5th state, and it matches what we're seeing across the country," said Contarino. "Our campaign continues to gain support.

Governor Richardson is working tirelessly to advance his plan to get all of our troops out of Iraq, leaving no residual forces. He has the strongest energy plan of any candidate in the race. And he has the experience to turn plans into realities. Americans are responding."A recent CNN poll shows Governor Richardson in third place in New Hampshire.

We might add that the WSJ/NBC national poll released this week had Richardson up to a respectable 6%.

Meanwhile, Edwards seems dead in the water, listing and in danger of sinking. We don't think he has anywhere to go but down.

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Anonymous said...

A funny thing happened en route to your coronation of Richardson and ellimination of Edwards: Edwards has a good chance of winning Iowa. See Friday's Post. Edwards is in a statistical dead heat in Iowa. If he wins or finishes second their and backs it up with first in SC, then that's your nominee. Richardson needs a second or a win in either Iowa or NH or he'll be on the fast sleigh back to Santa Fe.