Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Richardson Scores In Debate

While we don't think anyone put a dent in Hillary's armor in the wacky (we mean that in a good way) You Tube Democratic debate this week, we do think New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson did well. Here's someone who agrees: "Richardson, Edwards Look Upwardly Mobile."

The difference, we think, is that Edwards is headed downhill overall. When we were in Raleigh with relatives last week, we were reminded of one reason why: despite all his talk of two Americas, Edwards has clearly opted for the upper upper tier of rich America, building a 28,000 square foot home near Raleigh (pictured below). That's just crass and is, alone, enough to turn us off of Edwards forever. In any event, Edwards' Iowa-only strategy is faltering fast and we don't see him making it much beyond Iowa.

Richardson, on the other hand, continues to gain, slowly. We still don't think he'll knock off Hillary, but we've got a long way to go.

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