Friday, May 18, 2007

Webb's Wan Warming Vote

According to a post we just saw over at Raising Kaine, Sen. Jim Webb recently voted against an amendment, sponsored by Sens. Kerry, Feingold and Collins, to require the Army Corps of Engineers to consider the effect of climate change when planning water projects.

Meanwhile, Sen. John Warner voted FOR the Amendment.

We agree with Lowell at RK--what's going on here?

We won't always agree with Webb, but in case he hasn't noticed, Virginia has a long, vulnerable coastline where a goodly portion of its population resides and where a goodly portion of its economy is based. We can't afford to take global climate change lightly.

Webb could have some good reason for voting against this legislation--some technical flaw or whatever--but we want to hear loud and clear from him that he supports aggressive policies to limit global warming.

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