Monday, May 21, 2007

Clarendon In The Spotlight

Today's Post has a front page story highlighting life in Clarendon (the Curmudgeon's Arlington neighborhood). The Post's thesis is that Clarendon has become a haven for single baby-boomers (mostly divorcee's) and empty nesters.

"Clarendon Area's Urban Energy Helps Melt Midlife Ordeals Away"

Fortunately, we can say that a good deal of Clarendon's charm is that it has something for everyone--young, mid-life and older singles, empty nesters, young couples, young families, tweens and teens--as well as a terrific mix of ethnicities and styles. (Although housing costs are pricing out those without extensive means.)

We welcome you to try out Clarendon's charms--all we ask is that if you have to park in front of our house, use only one of the two parking spaces instead of parking right in the middle like the bozo yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely place that Clarendon

Maybe I can afford to live there someday :-p