Saturday, December 25, 2010

Amazing Graphic Of Human Progress Over 200 Years

So much for Glenn Beck's good ol' days!


Anonymous said...

There is a big push by European governments to convince the people that things are getting better. If you look at the comments on YouTube about this video, many people see right through this propaganda.

They agree that antibiotics have increased lifespans, but also added population. Income "growth" is mostly just inflation. A loaf of bread was once a penny, and now is three dollars or more.

Are we better off? It depends on how one defines a life, well lived.

Most Americans do not live their lives, they instead watch others living on TV. When they die, instead of their life flashing before their eyes, they just see re-runs.

Recommend one resolution for 2011 be to shut off your TV, get out more into your community and join with like-minded neighbors to make an immediate and lasting impact on your town.

X Curmudgeon said...

Tyler, you're such a pessimist. Clearly, the vast majority of people in the western world are better off today.

However, if shutting off your TV will keep you away from the mind-numbing right-wing propaganda pessimism of Fox News, we're all for it!