Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Virginia GOP Launches New Jihad Against Gays

If Virginia's new attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, had openly campaigned on an anti-gay platform, he would have lost the election. Now that he's in office, however, the Fairfax Republican has launched a jihad against gays in the state.

Recently, the AG sent a letter to universities in the Commonwealth, advising them to back off of campus policies designed to prohibit discrimination against gays. The Cooch could have chosen to do nothing on this, but he deliberately stuck his nose into it, as if there aren't more important law enforcement issues in the state.

Students are taking this lying down. The Washington Post reported today that student groups on many campuses are organizing rallies to protest Richmond's action.

This is where the Virginia GOP starts to get itself into big trouble. There are a lot of moderate and independent voters who would side with the Republicans on tax and fiscal issues, the types of issues Gov. McDonnell tried to focus on in his campaign.

For some reason, however, the right wing of the party, allied with so-called fundamentalist "Christian" groups, is at least as much interested in the politics of hate. Their forebears resisted the civil rights movement; they resisted the women's rights movement; and now they're gay-bashers.

Mind you, this isn't just people against gay marriage. Nope, the Cooch and his cronies, including quite a few GOP legislators, want to make it lawful to discriminate against gays across the board, soley for their sexual orientation.

We know a lot of real Christians, and they're not into hating anyone. Just like most real Muslims are peaceful. Frankly, the religious extremists in Virginia are no better than those in Iraq. They may not be using car bombs to get their point across, but the actions of people like Cuccinelli are equally terroristic, intended to intimidate another group on the basis of who they are.

If the AG keeps on with his jihad, we can look for Virginia Republicans to lose their recent gains quite quickly. Let's hope the state's students keep the issue alive.


James Young said...

If you can't tell the difference between laws against sexual deviancy and Islamofascists....

Well, never mind. You clearly can't.

Grover Leoning said...

You are misrepresenting the facts of this case.

Mr. Cuccinelli has merely correctly pointed out that the Boards of Visitors at the colleges do not have the authority to create new protected classes, without the General Assembly giving them that power.

It is a moot point that previous governors have circumvented the Peoples' elected representatives by adding the homosexuals to special protected status by use of Executive Order.

Given that we are all supposed to be equal under the law, as stated in the Fourteenth Amendment to our Constitution, these protected classes are ALL unconstitutional and should ALL be struck down by our Supreme Court.

What is disturbing to most citizens, is that neither Party has sought to abolish these special protected classes, and to restore our citizens to the equal status under the law.

If you recall the book, Animal Farm, the main fallacy of the pigs on the farm was that as soon as they ascended to power they created a revised constitution where equality was abolished and replaced with an edict that. "...some citizens are more equal than others..."

We no have such a corrupt body of law as part of our reality here in America. We need to restore Constitutional government and abolish special protected classes of citizens.