Tuesday, January 26, 2010

McDonnell Proposes $50 Million In Corporate Welfare

GOP Governor Bob McDonnell is off to a fabulous start! For his first major act as governor, he's proposed $50 million in NEW spending that can only be characterized as corporate welfare.

McDonnell wants you, the taxpayer, to pony up so Virginia can support it's wine and filmmaking industries--both playgrounds to the rich (and deadbeats like the Salahi's)--and to put "development offices" in China and India. (In case you're wondering, states use these offices to provide junkets to favored lawmakers and contributors.)

Well, we were certainly wondering. We didn't realize that Virginia's economic troubles centered around wine, filmmaking and lack of interest in China and India. We thought it had to do with housing and declines in domestic demand for products and services due to the recession!

To pay for these perks, the Governor wants to reduce the state's contribution to its pension fund, use up $25 million in revenue from a recent tax amnesty, and postpone equipment spending. That still leaves him with a $2 BILLION budget hole to fill.

Get serious governor--do state employees need to face reduced pension contributions so your buddies in the wine and film "industries" in the state can further line their silken pockets!
Voters--wake up!!

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