Tuesday, December 01, 2009

How Any Douchebag Can Get A Gun, No Questions Asked

Here's a pretty shocking video from the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence, which was put together by one of the survivors of the Virginia Tech massacre. He shows you how easy it is for any douchebag in the world to legally purchase a gun--for example, an assault rifle--for cash, with no background check and "no paperwork," at one of the hundreds of gun shows that tour around the country every year.

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin would be proud!!


Clairese said...

That is NOT and AK-47, but a single shot, non-automatic variant.

In short, the rifle is no more an "assault rifle" than your grandpa's old single shot 22. The weapon in the video uses 7.62x35 rounds and can only fire one round at a time.

Proponents of restricting gun purchases like to make the weapons sound more threatening by using the erroneous term, assault weapon, to these single shot rifles.

The fact that a weapon can be purchased without government supervision or involvement has nothing to do with "gun shows." Such a transaction could be legally carried out over your back fence, at work or at a craft show. Secondary sales are legal.

The use of the gun shows as a favorite whipping boy obfuscates the issue that private sales of weapons are not a significant contributor to crimes committed with firearms. About ninety seven percent of crimes that involve firearms are committed with either a legally registered weapon, or a stolen weapon (DOJ statistics).

Private gun sales are just not a significant contribution to crime.

The reason why we should not allow government to further interfere with weapon transactions is that surrendering our Second Amendment rights would greatly shift the power from the citizens to the government.

While we all can empathize with those who have lost loved ones, those who take anti-gun positions rarely take into account the facts, based on national crime statistics that clearly show that private sales are not a significant factor, and that quite the contrary, when gun rights are not restricted, criminal gun use is dramatically reduced, because the punks know that they will likely be met with someone who has a weapon of their own and is prepared to use it to prevent an attack. If any of those Tech students or faculty had been carrying a weapon, Cho would have been stopped. Instead, because Virginia Tech enforced a "gun free campus" Cho knew that he would be able to kill without fear of any resistance.

We all do not need to carry firearms, but just the possibility of armed resistance by prepared citizens has proved time and again to be the most effective deterrence to violent crime.

Guns SAVE lives. This is not a mere slogan, but a statement of fact.

James Young said...

So how many DO you own?

Anonymous said...

Hey Douchbag that wrote this crappy blog, do some research before you go spouting off dribble.