Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Obama's Education Speech: Don't You Republicans Feel Silly Now!

In a brilliant stroke, President Barack Obama today gave a speech to students at Arlington's Wakefield High School (where the Curmudgeon's son is a freshman) in which he stealthily laid out his socialist political agenda.

For example, the President repeatedly focused on the value of a good education. Well, every right (wing-nut) thinking American knows that most education in our country is provided by the guv'mint, therefore that's socialism, plain and simple.

And Obama pounded home the theme of hard work. Why, that's just code for letting the government take care of you.

He urged students to stay in school so they could be successful in life. Again, staying in school simply gives the guv'mint more time to brainwash you into a limp wristed, socialism-loving liberal.

Thank gawd all those Republican haters kept their kids at home to avoid the President's propaganda campaign. We hope they were all watching some enriching, family-oriented Fox television.


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