Friday, July 10, 2009

Curmudgeon On Radio

Next Wednesday (July 15) the Curmudgeon will be on radio, in his alter ego state as Ken Bass, author of Landstrike. We'll be on the internet radio/podcast of, at 9:00 pm, talking about--what else--Landstrike.

For more details, go to We hope you'll give us a listen, or catch the podcast later!

UPDATE: To listen to the podcast, go HERE.

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J. Tyler ballance said...

I will tune in.

Perhaps you can also talk about what the Hell happened to our Constitution during the Bush regime and the recent revelations about EVEN MORE ILLEGAL SPYING on us by Bush during his reign.

The AP is reporting that there is new proof that Bush and his cronies were illegally spying on our fellow citizens in many different ways.

When the various Inspector Generals tried to get to the bottom of the story, five key Bush administration officials refused to be questioned: Ashcroft, Yoo, George Tenet, Andy Card and David Addington.

This is confirmation of heinous law breaking by Bush and his cohorts, yet few in blogland are talking about it. Could it be that the story's release was timed for late Friday to ensure minimal coverage? They tried that with Watergate, and it still blew-up in their faces. I find that it is odd that Democrats are not already screaming bloody murder about this. Bush and his conspirators should all be tried in federal court. Just because he and his team escaped impeachment, doesn't mean that they have escaped accountability. Bush needs to go to jail.