Saturday, January 03, 2009

Tough Choices For Israel

Faced with a terrorist organization, masquerading as a legitimate governmental authority, routinely firing deadly rockets randomly at civilian targets, Israel had little choice but to do something about Hamas in Gaza.

Unfortunately, there's no easy way to stop the rain of terror rockets from Gaza. Israel has now launched a ground operation into Gaza, a territory about the size of Washington, D.C., in an effort to remove the rockets, the rocket launchers and the Hamas militants responsible for them.

But since Hamas has firmly embedded its terror rockets within the civilian Palestinian population of Gaza, there's virtually no way that Israel can proceed without "collateral" damage and the appearance of a "disproportionate" response. Yet, if Israel could successfully stop the terror rockets with a smaller, more targeted response, it would.

If there is to be peace in Gaza, and Israel, then the Arab world will need to reign in Hamas. Most Palestinians, no doubt, would prefer peace, would prefer to have their own state, and would prefer to get on with their own lives. Unless they can find a way, such as how the Sunni Iraqi tribal leaders united to oust Al Queada from their midst, to rid themselves of the Hamas militants, however, war and bombs are inevitable.

No nation would put up with what Israel has endured in terms of rocket attacks. The rest of the world should not condemn Israel, but rather should condemn Hamas and endorse the right of a sovereign nation, such as Israel, to respond to provocations such as terror rockets.


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Anonymous said...

Yet, if Israel could successfully stop the terror rockets with a smaller, more targeted response, it would.

Objection. Assumes facts not in evidence. Israel is all about disproportiate response. A few nuts from Hezbollah made some minor incursions into Israel, and they bombed Beruit (the Paris of the Middle East) almost into the stone age. But, I can see why we are such close allies. Disproportiate and irrational responses are common U.S. policy too.

X Curmudgeon said...

Ok, so Israel should just fire rockets randomly into Gaza, one for every rocket Hamas launches into Israel. Would that make you happy?

Anonymous said...

How about something more like what we wish U.S. foreign policy is: "We're better than that." Israel is a modern, developed country. Show some damned restraint. If they know where terrorists are, then hit them with controlled attacks. Invading a country/territory just because you were attacked by non-governmental entities from the territory or destroying a civilian airport to isolate the country is not the behavior of a respectable nation.

Bluedog said...

The militants who are firing rockets into Israel aren't "non-governmental" entities. They are either elements of Hamas or Hamas proxies. Hamas (much like the IRA) has no purpose but to bring terror to Israel. They, obviously, have no concern for their own people because Hamas leadership knew exactly what Israel's response would be to the increased rocket attacks and they got what they wanted.

Attacking the rocket launch sites makes no sense since the sites aren't permanent.

I wish you and the other world wide protesters would be as vocal when Israel is attacked.

Anonymous said...

I am as vocal when Israel is attacked. It isn't right for Hamas to go randomly bombing civilians. But, since Hamas and the Palestians don't have an embassy here, I'm not clear on where I'm supposed to go protest that. And, since there is no Gaza independent country, they are non-governmental by definition. Maybe if Israel and the U.S. got their heads into this millenium and supported an independent Palestinian state, things MIGHT be a tad more civil.